The role

It's doubtful you've landed here without being familiar with 3blue1brown, but it still never hurts to articulate what the actual goal of the channel is. Broadly speaking, it is to explain worthy math topics very visually. Currently, the videos reach several hundred thousand people, and the audience has been growing consistently at about 10% per month for the last year or two, with a few notable spikes increasing that rate here and there.

Half of the videos cover interesting one-off topics that expose some of the corners of math that many people may be unfamiliar with. The other half include "Essence of ----" series, such as those I've done on linear algebra and calculus, and this is where you come in.

The goal with the series is to distill topics which many people need to learn to their core intuitions and to share perspectives/visualizations of those topics that many students may not have seen before. From talking to supporters and fans, these series are what reach people most deeply.

In the long run, I would like to build up a library of these series on many different topics: Probability, differential equations, partial differential equations, statistics, group theory, multivariable calculus, high school algebra, trigonometry, combinatorics, number theory, topology, etc. I simply cannot do that on my own without it taking forever. What I'm looking for is someone to take ownership of some of these series.

This will mean writing and animating the videos, with my help, while I advise and narrate.

Desired skillset

More than anything, it is important that you are a clear thinker and a clear writer. The reason I want you to do both the writing and the animating for videos is that I find it very important for the structure of the explanation to be tied to the visuals driving it, with as little communication overhead in the production process as possible.

It's okay if you know nothing about animation. I certainly didn't when I started. I animate things programmatically, and I'd expect you to do so as well, so I will require a comfort with coding.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but you will also need to have a thorough knowledge of math, say with those topics a good undergraduate curriculum will cover.


If you might be interested, kindly fill out the form below, and I will follow up with you.

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