Fixed poorly in notation with that two,
you shine so loud that you deserve a name.
Late though we are, to make a change it's true,
We can extol you ‘til you have pi's fame.
One might object, "Conventions matter not!
Great formulae cast truths transcending names."
I've noticed, though, how language molds my thoughts;
the natural terms make heart and head the same.
So lose the two inside your autograph,
then guide our thoughts without you "better" half.

Wonders math imparts become so neat
when phrased with you, and pi remains off-screen.
Sine and exp both cycle to your beat.
Jive with Fourier, and forms are clean.
“Wait! Area of circles”, pi would say,
“sticks oddly to one half when tau’s preferred.”
More to you then!  For write it in this way,
then links to triangles can be inferred.
Nix pi, then all within geometry
shines clean and clear, as if by poetry.