The crux of thought,
computer science,
language, and how math arose,
abstraction brought
a key alliance
syncing facts who seem opposed.

The first is how
our minds are tuned to
focus on at most one thought.
Though well endowed,
they’re not immune to
puzzlement when overwrought.

But secondly
the facts of nature
interweave dependently,
so how do we
conceive this nature
in its multiplicity?

We first extract
a common trait
of things too complex to be known,
then to “abstract”, 
this trait as something in its own.

As such it’s pulled
from all distractions,
single, hence conceivable.  
But when minds hold
this dense abstraction,
They enclose a system whole.

For “things” and their “traits”,
though separately named,
do more than relate:
They’re one and the same.