Ode To Infinity

Philosophers have claimed you are not "real",
but you are no less true than 3, in fact.
For what is "three"?  Some thinking will reveal,
a term that points to triplets in abstract.
And so are you, a pointer in this light,
but aimed instead at families without size.
From here it took great Cantor's mental sight
to see these sets disjoin before his eyes.
For that's the tricky thing about you, friend,
what you are is something without end!

Aside from all the masks you wear as sets,
you permeate all math like pi and e.
Without you series, sequences and nets,
would vanish, as would all geometry.
To cook the real numbers all it takes,
is you and all the fractions to react.
When added as a simple point you make
both arguments and spaces more compact.
When patterns, lists and odes drag on and on,
just say "infinity", and woes are gone.