SoME2 results

Oct 1, 2022

After running a second iteration of the Summer of Math Exposition, the results are in! I'll reiterate the perhaps-tired point that the purpose of the event is not the winners, but to encourage math exposition more broadly. Framing it as a contest seems to be a very effective way to do that. The video above goes into more details, for instance how a delightful and unexpected consequence of the peer review process is a huge boost in YouTube recommendations for SoME2 entries.

That video also covers the criteria I had in mind when looking through the top 105 entries as determined by peer review, and forming judgements. My hope is that it serves as actionable advice for anyone looking to make online math content. Here, I'll just cut straight to the point and offer some links to entries I think you'll really enjoy.

The Winners

These are the five selected for golden pi creatures and the cash prize.

These are the 20 selected honorable mentions, for additional smaller prizes.

Even these don't cover all the ones worth recommending, so I highly encourage you to take a look through the rest of the entries, there are some real gems in there.

All entries

All video entries can be found in this playlist.

All non-video entries are linked below.

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