About the Channel

3blue1brown, or 3b1b for short, is primarily a YouTube channel about discovery and creativity in math, with an emphasis on visualizations. On this site, you can find written versions of many of these lessons, often with more interactive elements sprinkled in.

Some lessons cover standard topics people may be searching for, such as linear algebra, neural networks, calculus, Fourier transforms, quantum mechanics and many more.

Other lessons are more purely playful, exploring puzzles and problems with some intrinsic beauty, particularly those which seem quite challenging at first, but where some shift in perspective makes them both doable and beautiful.

The first category aims to motivate math by its usefulness, and the second aims to motivate math as an art form, though of course, the line dividing these two is easily blurred.

About the Author

My name is Grant Sanderson. These videos, and the animation engine behind them, began as side projects as I was wrapping up my time studying math and computer science at Stanford. After graduating, I worked for Khan Academy producing videos, articles and exercises, primarily focussed on multivariable calculus. Since the end of 2016, my primary focus has been on 3blue1brown and its associated projects.

In those years, I've also had the pleasure of contributing to a number of different outlets for math exposition, including spending a semester lecturing for an MIT course on computational thinking, contributing a Netflix documentary about infinity, writing for Quanta, and collaborating with many other educational YouTube channels.

Contributors, past and present