About the Channel

3blue1brown, or 3b1b for short, is primarily a YouTube channel about discovery and creativity in math. On this site, you can find written versions of many of these lessons, often with more interactive elements sprinkled in.

Topics tend to fall into one of two categories:

  • Those people might be seeking out, like linear algebra, neural networks, calculus, Fourier transforms, quantum mechanics, etc.
  • Problems in math which many people may not have heard of, and which seem quite challenging at first, but where some shift in perspective makes it both doable and beautiful.

Loosely speaking, the first category motivates math by its usefulness, and the second motivates math as an art form. But of course, the line dividing these two is easily blurred.

About the Author

My name is Grant Sanderson. These videos, and the animation engine behind them, began as side projects as I was wrapping up my time studying math and computer science at Stanford.

From there, I was fortunate enough to start forging a less traditional path into math outreach thanks to Khan Academy's talent search, which led me to make videos and write articles about multivariable calculus and a few other miscellaneous topics for them until the end of 2016. Since then, my main focus has been on 3b1b.

While the majority of my work has been on these videos and the related projects around them, along the way I've had the pleasure of working with numerous other outlets in education and outreach including Quanta, Manning, Udacity, Itempool, and the Julia Lab at MIT. Even on YouTube, some of my favorite projects in the past years have been the ones done in collaboration with others, including videos with Numberphile, Stand-up Maths, MinutePhysics, Physics Girl, Ben Eater, Smarter Every Day, and others.

If you're curious to hear more about my background and thoughts surrounding these projects, you may enjoy various podcasts I've been a guest on.


Kurt Bruns, Artist

Hello, my name is Kurt Bruns. I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Computer Science. After an internship spent adapting the Calculus Video Series, I do the digital artwork for new videos. In my free time, I'm building a math website, making art and playing ultimate frisbee.

Kurt's Work

James Schloss, Summer of Math Exposition

Hello, I am Dr. James Schloss. I finished my PhD at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in December 2019 and did a short stint at MIT before deciding to work as an independent researcher. I help run the Summer of Math Exposition, and other logistics concerning the website and 3b1b podcast.

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Josh Pullen, 2021 Intern

Hello! I'm Josh Pullen. I work on this website and help transform the 3Blue1Brown lessons into written and interactive versions.

I fell in love with programming as a kid, which inevitably gave me an appreciation for math as well. Today, nothing brings me more joy than sharing that passion with others, which is why I am currently at Michigan State University preparing to become a teacher.

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River Way, 2021 Intern

Hey! I'm River, thanks for stopping by! Currently, I am studying quantum computation in Bern, Switzerland; my undergraduate years were spent at Stevens in New Jersey. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to do mathematics, physics, or computer science so I landed on quantum computers which blend all three together beautifully. I've always had a passion for finding new ways to explain anything interesting, using modern technology as a new medium for education is our future. If you're intrigued by quantum computers, artificial intelligence, or computer graphics, check out some of my other projects!

River's Website

Vivek Verma, 2021 Intern

Hi! I'm Vivek. Currently, I'm a first year at UC Berkeley, working towards a degree in Computer Science and Applied Math. I run a Math YouTube channel, vcubingx, that utilizes manim to explain topics I find fascinating. I've always been a visual learner, and love creating animations and visualizations to explain math concepts. Feel free to check out any of my work if you're interested!

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