All Numbers are Interesting

Is any number that we count banal,
and lacking in a feature one might note?
Suppose some are, and gather up them all.
The smallest one has quite the cause to gloat.
It is precisely how far one must count
before the numbers get uninteresting.
But this would be a curious amount,
which contradicts how we defined the thing!
So every number has something to show,
including ones whom we will never know.

Let’s see if this joke proof applies as well
to real numbers; do they all stand out?
Suppose some don’t, and find one who rebels
by being meaningful beyond a doubt.
Before it was the smallest who amused,
but real sets might lack a minimum.
Will there be a special one to choose
from subsets of the whole continuum?
It isn’t clear where such a choice comes from,
yet some treat “choice” like it’s an axiom.